The BIG Difference

  • The most fingerprint collection sites nationwide – There’s always one nearby.
  • Applicants receive a high level of service and a pleasant, professional fingerprinting experience.
  • Reduces rejection rates.

Disclosure Monitoring
  • Customized disclosure monitoring search criteria
  • Secure data exchange
  • Clear, easy to use results reduce review time

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Why BIG-FieldPrint

BIG offers FINRA firms two tools that can assist with streamlining the screening process for applicants, employees and Registered Representatives: electronic fingerprinting and disclosure monitoring services.

BIG and its sister company Fieldprint offer FINRA firms access to a full-service fingerprinting solution, the largest nationwide collection site network. This service reflects a shift away from traditional hardware-based fingerprinting solutions and toward a pay-as-you go solution that requires no investment by FINRA firms. You pay for fingerprinting on a per-person basis, eliminating costly equipment purchases, maintenance costs, training fees and IT resources.

In offering Disclosure Monitoring Services, BIG’s goal is to assist large FINRA firms in streamlining the screening process for applicants, employees and Registered Representatives. Our Disclosure Monitoring Services give firms the tools to easily conduct periodic screening to validate financial and criminal disclosure information provided by applicants, employees and Registered Representatives, to identify changes to an individual’s credit or criminal history and to ensure that information provided on the Form U4 is up-to-date.

BIG has focused exclusively on serving the financial services industry for more than 28 years. We utilize technologically advanced resources, coupled with world-class service, to provide background screening, fingerprinting and more to leading financial services firms worldwide. Fieldprint, BIG’s sister company, is built, maintained and serviced by the core technology and processes that have made BIG the gold standard for background screening in the financial services industry.

We understand the strict security requirements of financial services firms. Therefore, our screening programs are designed to meet those criteria. We have implemented a secure, redundant infrastructure on which our systems run, as well as a wide range of security systems, policies and procedures to ensure security continuity. In addition, we go to great lengths to validate the security of our systems through a variety of security audits and onsite inspections. Fieldprint is the only fingerprinting service to be ISO 9001:2015 certified. Additionally, BIG has received Verizon Cybertrust Security Enterprise Certification, HR-XML Consortium Certification and EU/US Privacy Shield Certification; is EI3PA compliant and PCI DSS compliant as a Level 4 merchant; is accredited by the NAPBS Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC); and has successfully completed SOC 2 Type 2 audits.